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Open−shelf Books 2, 3

Open−shelf Books 2, 3 house books and materials centering on popular books(SOCIAL SCIENCES and NATURAL SCIENCES, etc).
Open−shelf Books 3 houses JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) books.
open shelf book 2
Open−shelf Books 3

Group Studies 2, 3

Group Studies offer rooms for students to study together in groups.
Please come to the Main Counter if you'd like to use.
Group Studies 1, 2, 3


Silence is a room to study calmly.
Personal laptops or items with key touch sounds such as calculators can not be used in this room.


Entrance Gate

Student/teacher/staff ID, or a library card, is required to enter the library. Visitors from outside the university who wish to use library materials, or look around the library, should contact the library staff.
Reception Counter

Main Counter

The following services are available at the Main Counter:
1. Borrowing, returning and reserving of library materials
(When the library is closed, books can be returned via the Book Return Slot outside the library.)
2. Retrieval of back issues of some magazines and newspapers
3. Inquiry about materials held in faculty libraries
4. Reciving Interlibrary Loan materials
5. Making requests for intercampus delivery service
6. Making requests for using library facilities
7. Applying for traning sessions and workshops
8. Issuance and renewal of library cards
9. Retrieving materials for visitors
Main Counter
book return slot

Reference Counter

For the effective use of the library and its resources, library staff are on hand at the Reference Counter to answer questions or offer advice on how to search for relevant literature and materials using a variety of reference tools.

Available services are:

Usage and Research Assistance
Assistance on how to research for literature, how to use DOORS and databases, where to find necessary materials, etc.

Reference and Information
Advice on how to collect literature and materials regarding specific themes, answering questions about specific items and data, etc.

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery
Information about requests for using materials of faculty libraries, issuance of a letter of introduction to those who wish to use libraries of other universities and organizations, acceptance of request to obtain or to photocopy materials from other universities and organizations, etc.
Reference Counter

Open−shelf Books 1

Open−shelf Books 1 houses books and materials centering on popular books (HUMANITIES, etc), pocket books, etc.
Open−shelf Books 1
pocket book

Global Lab.

Global Lab. offers a collection of books based on three aims: to encourage foreign language learning, deepen cultural understanding, and learn Japanese culture.
(This collection is selected by particular standard that is different from other books in this library.)
global labo

Extensive Reading Books

Extensive Reading Books (ESL BOOKS) are classified into their word levels and publishers.

Multimedia Resources

Multimedia resources such as DVDs, videos, and CD-ROMs are located in this area. These items are in library-use only. Please come to the Main Counter if you’d like to use.
multimedia corner

AV Booth

In AV Booth, you can watch foreign news (CNN, BBC, and CCTV Daifu).
Please come to the Main Counter if you’d like to use.
AV Booth

Speaking Booth

In Speaking Booth, you can improve your English pronunciation and listening skill by using “AmiVoice”, a software for learning and practicing pronunciation. You can also use it for practicing English conversation. Please come to the Main Counter if you’d like to use.
Speaking Booth

Reference Collection and Maps

Reference Collection houses reference sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, indexes, white papers, statistics, almanacs, atlases (large atlases, residential maps, topographical maps), etc.
Reference Corner
map Corner

Periodicals and Newspapers

The latest issues of major periodicals (alphabetically arranged) are available, together with bulletins published by Doshisha University, the current month’s newspapers and the Japanese government’s official gazettes (issues from the most recent 12 months).
Magazine and Newspaper Corners
Magazine and Newspaper Corners

New Arrivals and Guidebooks

New books and Guidebooks are located in this area.
Guidebooks are in library-use only.

Group Studies 1

Group Studies offer rooms for students to study together in groups.
Please come to the Main Counter if you'd like to use.
group studies 1

Reading Service Room and Braille Room

Braille dictionaries (English-Japanese, Japanese language, etc), Braille newspapers (weekly), voice guidance PC and scanners are available in the Braille Room.
Please come to the Main Counter if you'd like to use.
Braille Room and Reading Service Room
Braille Room and Reading Service Room

PC Space

PC Space is equipped with desktop computers. Users are free to search databases or use the Internet for their studies as well as prepare reports or presentation materials using a range of software.
ID authentication is required to use the PCs.
PC Corner

Stacks Entrance

There is Stacks Entrance at the second floor.
Back issues of periodicals and foreign paperbacks are located in the 2F Stacks, while back issues of almanacs, white papers and statistics, etc, general books, reference books, pocket books, rare books and closed-stacks are located in the 1F Stacks. No procedure is necessary to use these materials.

Mobile Phone Booth

You are allowed to use your mobile phones or smartphones only in this booth. Talking on your mobile phone is not permitted in the other area.
Mobile phone Booth