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Using the library

Using other universities and institutions’ materials

If the libraries of Doshisha (or on-campus research laboratories) do not hold an item you wish to use or borrow, you can visit the library of another university or research institution to use, borrow, or make requests for photocopying the item. Such interlibrary services need time to process requests, therefore please apply well in advance.
*If you wish to have a letter of introduction issued for an overseas library, please apply well in advance (at least two weeks before you require it).
*Available services differ depending on user types.

Visiting other librariesOnce you know which library holds the item you need, please make a request for it at the reference counter.
On gaining approval, you can visit the library with a letter of introduction. For further information, please ask at the reference counter.
  • You need to specify the day you plan to visit when submitting a request.
  • Please try not to cancel the visit or change the appointed day of visit after application. If you will not be able to make a visit, be sure to inform the reference counter.
  • Be sure to take your student/teacher/staff ID with you when visiting other libraries.
  • Please be sure to observe the rules and regulations of other libraries at all times.
Visiting partner universities[Common Library Card]
You are permitted to visit member university libraries , which concluded an agreement for sharing a common library card (created by the Japan Association of Private University Libraries Kyoto Regional Committee), without prior appointment. Be sure to take a common library card available at the reference counter along with your student/teacher/staff ID. As no prior arrangement is necessary, it is a good option when you are urgently in need of an item, though it is not possible to request the library to hold it beforehand.

[The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto]
You can visit member university libraries and junior college libraries that joined the common library system for the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto with your student/teacher/staff ID. As available services vary depending on each library, please check the specific usage guide before visiting.
List of member universities and junior colleges

[Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Ritsumeikan University]
Graduate students, as well as full-time faculty and staff, can use or borrow library materials of the above universities with their student/teacher/staff ID.
To use materials of the research laboratories of these universities, prior application is required. Please consult the reference counter.
Undergraduate students are required to make a prior application to use materials of both library and research laboratories of these universities. Please consult the reference counter.

[Waseda University]
Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as full-time faculty and staff, can use materials of the following Waseda University libraries with their student/teacher/staff ID: Central Library, Toyama Library, Science and Engineering Library and Tokorozawa Library. To use materials held at S. Takada Memorial Research Library and the research laboratories, prior application is required. Please consult the reference counter.
Full-time faculty and staff who wish to borrow library materials are required to apply for a library card of Waseda University. Please follow the procedures at each Waseda University library. The card is issued on site and valid until the end of the academic year.
Requesting to use materials of other libraries (interlibrary loan)Items which are not available at Doshisha Library may be requested from other libraries. If the request is granted, Doshisha Library will loan the item for a certain period of time, and the requester may use the item within Doshisha Library. Please note that only books can be borrowed from other libraries (no periodicals or magazines).
The cost of an interlibrary loan (such as round-trip shipping) will be borne by the requester.
Requests can be submitted to the reference counter or via DOORS.
Requesting to photocopy materials of other librariesThe photocopying of materials at other libraries may be requested. Photocopy and shipping fees will be borne by the requester.
Only a portion of a published work (less than half of the total pages) may be photocopied according to the copyright law.
Photocopying the latest issues of journals and magazines is not permitted.
Requests can be submitted to the reference counter or via DOORS.
Using National Diet Library (NDL) "Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries"Digitized versions of the NDL holdings that are out-of-print or otherwise difficult to obtain are available to use only within the facilities of the libraries and to request photoduplication service through the libraries.

For further information, please ask at the reference counter in either Imadegawa Library or Learned Memorial Library.
Rules for Library Users
  • To enter the library, hold your ID card over the card reader at the gate.
  • It is forbidden to talk on a cell phone (except for Mobile Phone Booth at Learned Memorial Library), eat, smoke, or chat in the library.
    You can bring drinks in spill-proof containers.
  • Please keep your belongings with you and be sure to keep them in sight at all times.
  • If you cause trouble to other users or do not follow the instructions of the library staff, you may be asked to leave the library.
  • Do not lend your ID card or materials you borrow to others.
  • Please take care not to exit the library with unchecked items as an alarm will be activated.
  • Library materials must be handled with care and respect. Please do not underline text or annotate documents. If library materials are damaged, defaced or lost, the borrower will be asked to pay for repair or replacement.