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Reuse of Library Materials

To reuse the materials held by Doshisha University Library, an application to Section for Cataloging and Administrative Services is required.
Please observe the terms of reuse and submit “Application for Special Permission of Use.”

However, among the content on Doshisha University Digital Collections, the images duplicated from the materials (hereafter “Images”) are, unless specifically stated otherwise, available for users to copy, adapt or redistribute in any medium without an application or a fee under the prescribed terms of reuse.
Terms of reuse are as follows.

Application for Special Permission of Use

Please refer to the terms of use and notes mentioned in the file above.

Reuse of images published in Doshisha University Digital Collections

Terms of reuse for Images
Respect the interests and credibility of Doshisha University and do not use Images in a way that infringes on the interests of the University.
Users should consider moral rights, human rights, or privacy issues even if the copyright has expired. Applicants bear all responsibility about any problems with others.
1.Users must indicate that Doshisha University holds the original materials of the Images.
ex. Image courtesy of Doshisha University – Title of the material

2.Users must indicate if changes were made to the Images.
Users must not include a statement in any way that making public or using edited Images in a format that may be misconstrued as having been created by Doshisha University.
ex. Image courtesy of Doshisha University – Title of the material / transformed.
ex. Image courtesy of Doshisha University – Title of the material / used partially.

If you have any concerns about how to indicate, please contact us before reuse.
Request for cooperation
In order to research user’s needs, please let us know how you reuse digitized images on the webform below in advance or later.
Report on reuse of digitized images of materials

・Donate two copies of publications or a digital copy of broadcast content to the Library when using the materials held by Doshisha University.
・Please note that we may make the copies available for our users.
・Please contact us if you prefer a higher resolution image.
・If the University determines that the way you reuse the materials is inappropriate, the Library may contact you to stop that.
・If the University is damaged due to improper use, the user may be responsible to reimburse the amount equivalent to the damage amount.

Rights statements and Creative Commons licenses
Although copyrights of the content on Doshisha University Digital Collections have already expired, rights statements and Creative Commons licenses are displayed for asking users to follow the terms of reuse by Doshisha University.

Subject of rightsLicense
MetadataCC-BY 4.0
CC-BY 4.0 License
ImagesNo Copyright - Contractual Restrictions
No Copyright - Contractual Restrictions License
Reprints, Related articles, etc.You MUST Observe Copyright Law.
・Doshisha University will take no responsibility for and will not be liable for any results caused by users using this website and its content, or any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of, or inability to use this website and its content.
・Doshisha University does not guarantee the reliability, usefulness and entirety of the content contained in Doshisha University Digital Collections.
・The content on Doshisha University Digital Collections may include words and expressions that are considered inappropriate or misconceptions in original materials when being viewed from current human rights awareness, historical recognition, etc. The University does not approve them. Use the content upon understanding the purpose of publicizing them as academic materials.

For inquiry, please contact :

Section for Cataloging and Administrative Services

Karashuma-higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 602-8580
TEL:075-251-3960 ext.5971 FAX:075-251-3078