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Doshisha Information Search Service User Guide

Tips for DOORS

Tips for E-Resources

Electronic Journals / Electronic Books Portal
This is the portal site (entry) for searching E-Journals and E-Books available in this University.
It is possible to search for the full texts of E-Journals and E-Books by titles and ISSN/ISBN.
(* It is not possible to search by articles and titles of papers.)
Tips for E-Resources 1: Electronic Journals / Electronic Books Portal (in Japanese)[PDF 608KB]
This service navigates the users from the search results of a secondary literature database (article/paper search) to the full texts. If the full texts are not available, it is possible to use other databases including DOORS and Google Scholar.
Tips for E-Resources 2: Article Linker (in Japanese)[PDF 781KB]
This system allows the users to search several databases, E-Journals, E-Books available in the University, and for books and magazines owned by the University with keywords.
Tips for E-Resources 3: DOGS Plus (in Japanese)[PDF 1.1MB]