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Doshisha Information Search Service User Guide

Tips for DOORS

Tips for Electronic Resources

This system allows the users to search several electronic journals, electronic books and databases available in this University, and for books and magazines owned by this University with keywords.
Tips for Electronic Resources 1 DOGS Plus[PDF 999KB]
Electronic Journals・Electronic Books
This is the portal site (entry) for searching electronic journals and electronic books available in this University.
Please search for the full texts of electronic journals and electronic books by titles and ISSN/ISBN.
(* It is not possible to search by articles and titles of papers.)
Tips for Electronic Resources 2 Electronic Journals・Electronic Books[PDF 754KB]
This service navigates the users from the search results of a secondary literature database (in which only whereabouts of articles/papers can be searched) to the full texts. If the full texts are not available, it is possible to click the links to other databases including DOORS and Google Scholar.
Tips for Electronic Resources 3 Article Linker[PDF 645KB]