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The John Dewey & Pragmatism Collection

History and Mission Statement

Prof. Tetsutaro Yoshikawa (1900-1991)

Prof. Tetsutaro Yoshikawa (1900-1991)

Autograph Letter with Dewey's sign, dated April 17, 1945

Autograph Letter with Dewey's sign,
dated April 17, 1945

Tarde,G. Les lois de l'imitation with William James' copious notes and annotation

Tarde,G. Les lois de l'imitation with William James'
copious notes and annotation

The John Dewey & Pragmatism Collection within the Doshisha University Library is a growing collection. Its charter is to collect materials, in as wide a variety as possible, concerning John Dewey and Pragmatism, and to promote the study of Pragmatism in Japan. The genesis of this collection was a magnanimous donation by Prof. Tetsutaro Yoshikawa(1900-1991), in 1969.
After graduating from Doshisha University, Mr. Yoshikawa went to the United States as a young man to continue his studies. He worked his way through Oberlin College (B.D.1927) and the University of Southern California (M.A.Edu.1930), and studied briefly at Columbia University. After returning to Japan, as a Doshisha professor, he devoted his life to research in the field of Pragmatism and the thoughts of John Dewey.
When he retired in 1969, his significant monetary donation set in motion his strong desire that the Doshisha University Library strive to collect all manner of materials concerning Pragmatism, with the goal of contributing to the progress of Pragmatism Studies in Japan. His initial donation acted as the seed and example for a subsequent gift from his son.
Professor Yoshikawa's initial donation enabled the founding of the Yoshikawa fund and established the John Dewey & Pragmatism committee, consisting of the University Librarian, two professors in the Department of Humanities, and the Head of Collection Division. Furthermore, after his death in 1991, the bereaved gave an additional donation to further his intention. The fund currently amounts to 79,600,000 yen (approximately 650,000 in U.S. dollars).

For the past decade and a half, we have been collecting materials by utilizing the yearly interest that the fund accrues. At present, the John Dewey & Pragmatism Collection contains over 4,000 books, a number of periodicals, and a few manuscripts.
We have been making constant efforts to enrich the collection and are plannning to expand the scope of activities to include the provision of scholarships and the invitation of researchers from abroad to hold symposia and lecture meetings.
The John Dewey & Pragmatism Collection is a young and developing collection among the special collections of our library. We would very much appreciate any suggestions or assistance that you might offer in regards to these activities.

Collection Policy

We collect the following types of materials:

a. The works of John Dewey and other classical pragmatists in all editions
b. Draft, notes, and manuscripts pertaining to the above
c. Theses and dissertations on Pragmatism Studies
d. Academic and scholarly works on Pragmatism Studies
e. Reference books (bibliographies, encyclopedia, glossaries, etc.) on Pragmatism Studies
f. Journals and periodicals on the subject of Pragmatism Studies
g. Non-book materials on Pragmatism Studies
h. Academic and scholarly books on education in the United States

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Gifts and presentation copies

We would be delighted to acquire gifts and presentation copies, especially since the global economic downturn has reduced the interest generated by the fund. We hope that all who are interested in the John Dewey & Pragmatism Collection, and wish to support our activities in any way, will not hesitate to contact us.

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