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Library History

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Opening of Doshisha University Library 2009-present

2009The Library and Information Technology Center is renamed Doshisha University Library.
The Sho Jaku Kan is first published, replacing the Academic Information Center Journal.
2010A learning facility, Co☆labo, is established in the Learned Memorial Library (1F).
The academic information system and the Academic Repository system are replaced.
The integrated search service mainly for electronic resources and the Web operating system start to be provided.
2012A reference management tool, RefWorks is launched.
2013A search service tool, DOGS Plus is launched.
The library restructures its organization to the two departments (Dept. of Public and Technical Services, Dept. of Electronic Resources) and three sections.
“Imadegawa Library Virtual Tour” and “e-learning” become available online.
A self-checkout machine is installed.
2015“Scrap Book” is posted to the Academic Repository.
The academic information system, the Academic Repository system, DOGS Plus, and E-Journals/E-Books are replaced.
The academic information system is separated from that of Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts.
2016The cross-search system service starts to be provided.
“Doshisha University Library Science School” is posted to the Academic Repository.
2017JaLC DOIs start to be assigned to the content of the Academic Repository.
2018The Learned Memorial Library is partly renovated. The building features the Learning Commons on the 1st floor, and library on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
The library signs a cooperation agreement to promote the “Project to Build an International Collaborative Research Network for Pre-modern Japanese Texts” with the National Institute of Japanese Literature, the National Institutes for the Humanities.
2019NDC 10th edition is adopted.
2020The academic information system is replaced.
The Academic Repository using JAIRO Cloud (WEKO2) starts operating.
2021Doshisha University Digital Collections is published.