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The Waichi Araki English Studies Collection (about 330 volumes)

The collection was established in 1958 with the book collection of Waichi Araki (1872-1957), a civil scholar in English studies who worked for a foreign life insurance company. Donated by Araki’s family, the collection contains reference materials related to Western studies, mainly English studies, selected from among 20,000 volumes of the Araki Collection, including Merlyn’s Dutch-French Dictionary (fourth edition), ‘Rangaku Kaitei’ (Introduction to Dutch learning), ‘Yakken’ (a condensed version of the Dutch-Japanese Dictionary), a reproduction of ‘Eibunkan’ (English Grammar Book), ‘Eigosen’ (English words and usage book), ‘Waei Showa’ (translation of Van Reed’s conversation book), ‘Shoten Gaiwa Tsuin Binran’ (Japanese-English Dictionary) and an enlarged and revised version of ‘Eiwa Taiyaku Shuchin Jisho’ (English-Japanese Dictionary).
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