The Takayuki Namae Collection (about 3,000 volumes)

The collection was established in 1945 with the gift of the book collection of Takayuki Namae (1867-1957), a pioneer in Japan’s social welfare activities. The collection features reference materials, including many pamphlets, related to social issues and social welfare activities, such as ‘Chiho Kairyo Jigyo Koen-shu’ (lecture records of the local government improvement project) edited by the local office of the Ministry of Interior, ‘Toshi Kairyo Sankoshiryo’ (reference materials of the city improvement project), and rare reports on ‘hotoku’ (a moral belief that if you contribute for the benefit of the society, it will return to you over time), ‘local achievements’ and ‘exemplary villages’ promoted by the government after the Russo-Japan War.
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