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What's the Doshisha University Academic Repository?

Overview of the Doshisha University Academic Repository

The Doshisha University Academic Repository is a system for electronically collecting, accumulating, and storing research results, educational resources, and other academic content created by teachers, graduate students and other researchers, and those working on research projects connected with this university's faculties, research departments, laboratories, and research and other centers. This content is available free of charge to people anywhere in the world via the Internet.
All data stored on this system can be searched using Doshisha University's DOORS library searching system, as well as by using IRDB of the National Institute of Informatics (NII) , OAIster of OCLC and OpenAIRE of EU.

Overview of the Doshisha University Academic Repository

Doshisha University Academic Repository Terms of Operations

Content of database (some not yet stored)

  • Bulletin papers
  • Research center reports
  • Papers for academic journals
  • Academic dissertations (PhD.)
  • Doshisha University's digital publications
  • Rare materials collection
  • Digital archive concerning libraries

Providing the Doshisha University Academic Repository with DOIs

Digital object identifiers (DOIs) have been provided to some contents registered in the Doshisha University Academic Repository.

Target Contents
Research Proceedings, Research Center Reports, and thesis with body text data
(A DOI is not provided to contents with only an abstract, if there is a summary, a DOI is provided.)

What is a DOI?
A digital object identifier (DOI) is an international identifier provided to electronic content data such as academic papers. Contents with a registered DOI has a URL in the “http://doi.org/ [DOI]” format. This URL (permanent link) guarantees permanent access to the contents on the Web, which eliminates the possibility of becoming a dead link when it is referred to.

DOIs provided by the Doshisha University Academic Repository
DOI consists of a prefix assigned to each organization connecting slash, and a suffix for identifying individual contents.
※ The prefix assigned to Doshisha University is 10.14988.

Therefore, a DOI provided by Doshisha University is 10.14988/ [symbols and numbers specified by the library]. The leading part, 10.14988 is the value provided to Doshisha University when the university became a member of the Japan Link Center (JaLC) and is fixed.
Sample DOI: 10.14988/di.2017.0000000529
URL for accessing the corresponding document: http://doi.org/10.14988/di.2017.0000000529

※For details of JaLC, refer to the following.
 Japan Link Center (in Japanese)[PDF]

Advantages of DOIs
Adding DOIs to the contents in the Doshisha University Academic Repository has the following advantages.
1. Dead links to the contents are prevented.
2. DOIs makes it easier to access and cite papers, and makes it possible to find out who cited them.
3. DOIs ensures readers reach the body text of a paper, and also the body texts of cited documents.

Validating DOI
It is possible to validate DOIs on the content details screen of the Doshisha University Academic Repository site.

1. It takes about one week for a DOI to become effective after the content is registered to the Academic Repository.
2. In principle, once a DOI is added, it is impossible to make the content private or delete it.
(A deleted DOI is withdrawn permanently, and will never be used again.)
3. DOIs are not added to contents not subject to DOI assignment.
4. It is not possible to use the services provided by CrossRef (CrossCheck, CrossMark, etc.).