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Q.What's the Doshisha University Academic Repository?
A.It is a system for electronically collecting, accumulating, and storing research results, educational resources, and other academic content created by teachers, graduate students and other researchers, and those working on research projects connected with this university’s faculties, research departments, laboratories, and research and other centers. This content is available free of charge to people anywhere in the world via the Internet.
What's the Doshisha University Academic Repository?
Q.What is an institutional repository?
A.An institutional repository is a digital collection established by an academic institution, such as a university, to collect, preserve and disseminate the intellectual output produced by its members, making it publicly available to the wider community, both within and outside of the institution. Institutional repositories have been developed by many institutions in Japan and overseas. [ For a list of institutional repositories operating in Japan today, please see the Current IRs in Japan document provided by the NII (National Institute of Informatics) Institutional Repositories Program. ]
Q.What are the rules for using the PDF files or images on the repository?
A.The copyright for the Doshisha publications, original texts, and secondary information on the repository is held by the respective author or the institute that created them.
These materials should be used with respect for copyright. When copyrighted works are going to be printed out, copied onto electronic media like CD or DVD, used on a VTR, broadcast, or used for lecture material, be sure to consult with Department of Circulation and Technical Services.
For more information, please see Regulations and Forms[特別使用許可願] (in Japanese) .
Printing out and downloading of images is limited to research, educational, and learning purposes.
Q.Is it possible to create links to the Doshisha University Academic Repository?
A.We encourage the establishment of links to this repository from Web sites that promote academia.
Those wishing to place a link to this repository on your Web site should send your name, contact information, description of home page, URL, and reason for the link, to Department of Circulation and Technical Services.
For those wishing to establish links directly to each relevant section of this repository, please make it clear that the link is to the Doshisha University Academic Repository Web site.