Special Materials

Collection of valuable documents in Imadegawa Library

The Komuro and  Sawabe Memorial Collection
The Emori Ueki Collection
The Neesima Memorial Collection
The Aizan Yamaji Collection
The Takayuki Namae Collection
The soho Tokutomi Collection
The Waichi Araki English Studies Collection
The Kumahiko Takebayashi Collection
The Otis Cary Collection
Doshisha Academy Books
Collection of Harris Science Research Institute

Other Collections

The following collections are displayed:
The John Dewey Collection
The Nakano Music Scores Collection
Introduction of Special Other Collections
The Kumando Morita Collection, The Rihei Miyake Collection, the Ephraim Flint Collection, The Masanao Kobayashi Collection, The Sakuya Yoshida Collection, The Seitaro Okada Collection, The Ando Hero's Biography Collection, The Tasuku Harada Collection,The Yasutada Yokota Collection, The Kogenta Murakami Collection, The Kotaro Kato Collection, The Matsuichiro Takayanagi Collection, The Mary Florence Denton Collection, The Kazutami Ukita Collection, The Waichi Araki Collection,The Rokuro Nakaseko Collection,The Kotaro Shimomura Collection, The Neesima Residence Collection

Other Materials Collection

Other Materials Collection(Japanese)
Other Materials Collection(Foreign)

Collection of Materials in the Department, Research Institute and the Center

School of Theology(神学部)
Faculty of Letters(文学部)
Faculty of Global Communications(グローバル・コミュニケーション学部)
Faculty of Culture and Information Science(文化情報学部)
Faculty of Global and Regional Studies(グローバル地域文化学部)
Institute for the Study of Humanities and Social Sciences(人文科学研究所)
Harris Science Research Institute(ハリス理化学研究所)
Doshisha Archives Center(同志社社史資料センター)
Historical Museum(歴史資料館)

Digital Archive Concerning Libraries

The Kumahiko Takebayashi Collection(竹林文庫)
Doshisha University Library Science School(同志社大学図書館学講習所)

Collection Catalogs

The main Collection Catalogs are available on the Doshisha University Academic Repository.
Printed Collection Catalogs at the library on either campus can be viewed when you visit the libraries.

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